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Sole Impact improves performance and reduces injuries. It has my 5 star approval ☆☆☆☆☆ – Dr. Michael Miller, NE Patriots

Having known the developer of Sole Impact socks since its inception, I can honestly say that I endorse its effectiveness for both my weekend warrior patients as well as my professional elite players. It is a preventive measure that reduces the impact into the lower extremities, thereby reducing ankle, knee, hip and spinal injuries. As the chiropractic team physician to the New England Patriots for the last 35 years, I am convinced that Sole Impact improves performance and reduces injuries. It has my 5 star approval ☆☆☆☆☆…

Dr. Michael Miller

I now run and play without pain

I had to stop running and playing basketball because of my back and knee pain. I also developed Achilles tendinitis. It was frustrating and depressing. After having some muscular therapy I started wearing Sole socks and now run and play without pain. I am so happy! Thank you Sole Team! …

Dira C., Age 42

Feels Like I’m Running On Clouds

When I wear them it feels like I'm running on clouds…

Logan Ryan - Professional Football Player for the New England Patriots, Age 25

Thanks SoleImpact!

"I have been wearing both the dress and athletic SoleImpact socks for several months now.  I have noticed that my back and knee pain has diminished significantly and that my sore feet are more comfortable in a variety of different shoes.  I wear my Sole Impact socks almost all the time now." Thanks SoleImpact!…

Bill - Business Executive age 61

I’ve got SOLE in my body again!

To the Sole Impact Team: I was a multi sport athlete through college and remain physically active.  Heading into my 40’s, I have developed severe calve, knee and lower back pain during exercise.  A Desk job, young kids, commuting and stress have lead me to try almost every kind of physical therapy and sports equipment changes, without measurable progress. I am happy to report that I recently wore the Sole Impact socks during A Reebok Spartan Race in Fenway Park. I effortlessly bounded up and down the concrete bleachers and completed all obstacles without pain (during or after).  The special liner in the bed of the socks absorbed the impact from the hard surface such that the normal shooting pains up my calves during exercise was alleviated.   The years of research to develop this product has culminated in an incredible lifestyle benefit for younger athletes and those of us who want to stay active without pain! I’ve got SOLE in my body again!…

Mathew Carlton - Architect(NH), AIA , LEED AP Age 32

Mid-Calf Variety With My Dress Shoes

I wear the mid-calf variety with my dress shoes for work (NB: need to have shoes that are somewhat on the roomy side to accommodate the extra volume taken up by the sorbothane sole of these socks), which means I have another drawer that is now full of useless dress socks.…

Leland W. PHD- Biotech Consultant age 53

I Wear Them All The Time

I don't want to copy what my brother said but I too love these socks.They helped my rehab after my injury and now I'm back on the field feeling great. I wear them all the time…

Jason McCourty-Tennessee Titans Defensive Back age 29

I love SoleImpact Socks

I love SoleImpact Socks. I was fortunate enough to be on the research and development team and experienced first hand the benefits. I had a stress fracture in my foot a couple of years ago and was able to keep playing and the fracture healed. I depend on them to keep me on the field and wear them all the time…

Devin McCourty - New England Patriot's Captain age 29

I Wear Sole Socks Everyday

I wear Sole socks everyday. I forgot them on a road trip and I definitely missed them. My feet and shins did too. I won't forget them again.…

Duron Harmon - Professional Football Player for the New England Patriots, age 25

Allowed Me To Return To A Normal Life

I am a retired physician. Several years ago I developed severe spinal stenosis. This resulted in progressive paralysis of my leg.I had surgery which relieved the paralysis but left me with sever back pain and headaches at the base of my skull.The pain would get worse with activities. With the the help from my orthopedic therapist , I now wear SoleImpact socks which give me the cushion while I walk. The combination of impact socks has enabled me to play golf ,tennis and more vigorous sport activities and allowed me to return to a normal life. Thank you SoleImpact…

Dr Joe D - retired Surgeon age 80

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