The inspiration for SoleImpact came through seventeen years of work with patients suffering from both acute and chronic injuries as a result of impact strike. My clients were diverse in age, skill level, and professions – ranging from youth gymnasts, elderly, construction workers, and elite/professional athletes. It became clear that impact strike was not a one dimensional issue. Injuries presented as benign as shin splints, to more severe injuries such as spinal stress fractures, and even life long ailments such as premature growth plate fusions.

The variety of impact related injuries helped me to recognize the crucial need to reduce foot strike.

I started researching impact absorbing materials that would be effective and versatile.

As a benchmark, I utilized my high performance professional athletes to test our product in the most vigorous conditions.

After more than five years of research and development under our belts we are proud to say we have developed a product that excels in even the most demanding environments.

We have created a simple yet innovative solution which utilizes the most efficient patented shock absorbing technology (absorbing up to 94.7% impact strike) in a comfortable and fashionable sock.

ellen1Ellen Spicuzza, APRN, ONS

Nurse Specialist

  • Over 17 years specializing in acute and chronic sport and soft-tissue injuries
  • Experience with thousands of different injuries in the area of impact shock and overuse
  • Currently teaching new protocols for treating acute and chronic soft tissue injuries backed by medical evidence