Ellen Spicuzza APRN, ONS/ Founder

  • Over 18 years specializing in acute and chronic sport and soft-tissue injuries

  • Experience with thousands of different injuries in the area of impact shock and overuse

  • Currently teaching new protocols for treating acute and chronic soft tissue injuries backed by medical evidence

The inspiration for SoleImpact came through eighteen years of treating patients suffering from both acute and chronic injuries and ailments. The patients I treat are a diverse group. They vary in age, fitness level and profession. From the young, adolescents to the elderly and varied professions from construction workers, stay at home moms,business professionals,police,firefighters,doctors, lawyers and elite/professional athletes.

Their Injuries presented as benign as shin splints, strains, sprains, muscle spasms and contusions to more severe injuries such as spinal stress fractures, and even life long debilitating ailments such as degenerative bone/joint disease and premature growth plate fusions.

I found that these injuries shared the most common cause other than acute trauma was overuse and impact/foot strike.It became clear that  ours bodies adverse reaction to this impact was not a one dimensional issue. Treating and seeing the staggering amount and variety of impact related injuries helped me to recognize the critical and crucial need to find  something that would absorb impact .

I started researching all the products on the market but none seem to be sufficient enough in their ability to absorb enough impact to make them effective in stopping the incidence of these injuries.

I tested a wide variety absorbing materials until I found one that would be effective and versatile.

As a benchmark, I utilized my high performance professional athletes along with hundreds of my other patients to test our product in everyday use to the most intense vigorous conditions.

After more than five years of research and development under our belts we are proud to say we have developed a product that excels in even the most demanding environments.

We have created a simple yet innovative solution which utilizes the most efficient patented shock absorbing technology (absorbing up to 94.7% impact strike) in a comfortable , functional and fashionable sock.