We’d like to thank you for stopping by Sole Impact. Our shock absorbing socks are the best performance socks around; we saw a need for support of athlete’s feet that wasn’t being met and created a product that has diminished pain in thousands of individuals.

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, Sole Impact might just be the solution that eliminates your pain without medicine or surgery. Let’s take a look at the different types of pain relieving socks you can find here on our site.

Tabby No Shows Shock Absorbent Socks

Sole Impact know that you don’t always want your socks to be visible, Our “no show” footie-like socks hid out so that you people will pay attention to your shoes, not your socks. Of course, as comfortable as they feel, you might just want to draw attention to yourself and start bragging about how good they are at relieving pain.

The great thing about these socks is how versatile they are. First of all, they come in black or white, so if you have a pair of each you’ll be able to wear them with pretty much any pair of shoes you have. Our no show shock absorbing socks are an excellent option for runners who need a short sock or for anyone who’s on their feet all day. So whether you’re an Olympic runner or are doing house chores for eight hours a day, you’re sure to be comfortable in these pain relieving socks!

And don’t forget the tech! These socks absorb 94.7% of impact strike on your heel thanks to its Sorbothane gel insole. Impact isn’t all they absorb, though, as these socks also have excellent wicking properties that take the sweat away from your feet. Once they do that, the anti-microbial properties stop foot odor before it starts. Oh, and the compression it provides to the ankle and foot improves circulation. All of this in a seemingly simply sock!

Mid Calf Shock Absorbing Socks

Some of the most popular sports out there — football, basketball, baseball — all utilize taller socks. We’ve made our mid calf shock absorbing socks so that they can help you get through the hectic starts and stops of game, as well as the standing around downtime that occurs during many of them.

Take a look at the technical properties we mentioned above for the no shows and you’ll get an idea of the wonders you can expect from these mid calf shock absorbing socks. You’ll get all of those benefits plus even more compression up your legs to aid in circulation.

Once again we offer these shock absorbing socks in white and black so that they’ll match most any uniform. We also have a limited edition United We Stand variant so that you can show your American pride.

Open Toe Gymnastic Shock Absorbing Socks

Few sports put more pressure on the feet than gymnastics. Not only are feet absorbing a great deal of impact, but they’re also being contorted in ways that no other sport demands. You can’t practice or perform properly if you’re in too much pain, and that means you need to take care of your feet in every way possible.

Sole Impact is proud to offer gymnasts the ultimate in shock absorbing socks. These open-toe socks protect the heel while still allowing the toes to show, giving you the tactile feedback you require in many gymnastic endeavors. The heal contains a full gel insert, absorbing the same 94.7% impact of all of our pain relieving sock. They also have excellent wicking and antimicrobial properties to protect your feet from moisture. They’re available standard black and competition-approved beige.

We noticed the amount of pain that athletes’ feet were experiencing and knew that we could help. You can find all of our shock absorbing socks here. You’ll probably end up wearing them every day!