In a recent blog we discussed why our shock absorbing socks help out in some of the most popular sports around. If you don’t mind us saying so, we gave some pretty compelling evidence as to why Sole Impact socks are the best socks for running (impact absorption directly to the heel), football (digging in), tennis (constant starting and stopping), and soccer (direct impact of the ball). Of course, those aren’t the only sports in which athletes enjoy our pain relieving socks. Just about every sport out there could benefit from using Sole Impact socks to reduce impact and reduce pain, but let’s take a look and three more of the most common games they’re used in.

Why They’re The Best Baseball Sockscta-1

Many people seem to love and hate baseball for the same reason: it’s downtime followed by short bursts of action. Unfortunately, many of these bursts are often at the expense of the players’ feet. There’s the twisting of the ankles during batting and the standing around during plays in which nothing happens. Then, of course, there’s the sprinting, landing on the feet hard in order to get as much forward momentum going as possible. Oh, and let’s not forget what a foot goes through during a slide into a base.

Our shock absorbing socks are are ready to handle all of these problems and more. All you have to do is pick the best pair for what you do.

Why They’re The Best Basketball Socks

When you think about movement, tennis and basketball are actually very similar. There’s constant starting and stopping, landing on your feet, and shifting feet during a run only to have to stop on a dime. With basketball, you also have the added impact of landing after a jump shot or jumping to block the opposing team’s shot. That’s a lot for feet to handle over and over again, hundreds of times in a game. For each of those landings, our socks can be there to absorb nearly 95% of the force so that it never even reaches the heel or ankle.

Also, let’s not forget what kind of playing surface we’re talking about when it comes to basketball. Basketball courts are hard, which is made immediately apparent if you fall and land on your hands, knees, or tailbone. While the impacts you’ll received from your feet aren’t so obvious right away, the cumulative force that you’re putting on your heels, ankles, legs, and spine can tire you out faster and cause you to lose the game.

Why They’re the Best Socks for Hockey

Why does it hurt so bad to fall on the ice? Is ice any harder than the floorboards of a basketball court of the surface of a tennis court? Not really, but there’s something about falling on ice that just makes the experience that much worse. Maybe it’s the angle; when you slip on ice, you’re simply not as prepared for the strange way in  which you’re falling.

All that to say: ice can be painful. And while cutting into the ice on skates is often a smooth and graceful move, there are times when you’re digging in like an Olympic sprinter in order to tear to the other end as quickly as possible. Once you get there and stop, all of your weight is pressing against your foot. The good thing is, in those situations our shock absorber socks can protect your entire foot from toes to heel, including the ankle.

Oh, and let’s not forget about their wicking properties. Sure, the ice is cold, but skating around with that much gear works up a sweat that few other athletes know. These socks will keep your feet dry, because when you’re playing you really don’t want to be thinking about how uncomfortable you are. And since these are antimicrobial socks, you don’t have to worry about stinking up the locker room quite so much.

The fact is, nearly every sport has an incredible impact on the feet. Sometimes it’s the direct force applied to the feet, and other times it the strange positions that we force them into. No matter what activities you’re engaging in, our shock absorbing socks will help you be more comfortable than ever. Find your perfect pair right here.