On behalf of everyone here at Sole Impact, we’d like to take a moment to wish you a very Happy New Year! No matter how good 2016 was, we hope that 2017 will be the best year you’ve ever had.

As we celebrate circling the sun once more, many people have decided to make themselves some New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, you probably made yourself one, if not a few. And while our shock absorbing socks won’t be able to help you with all of them, they can actually make a difference in some of the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Exercise More

cta-1Okay, let’s get the most obvious one out of the way: exercise more. Not only is it most obvious, but it’s also the most common New Year’s resolution there is.

Of course, our shock absorbing socks are made for just about every exercise out there. If running is your exercise of choice, our Sole Impact socks are perfect for you because of the amount of impact they absorb when your heel hits the ground. If you lift free weights, every pound you pick up is one more pound that your feet have to deal with. Reduce that pressure with our patented gel socks.

There are many reasons that people break their New Year’s resolution to exercise. Sometimes they’ll say they don’t have the time, other times that they’re just lazy (at least they’re being honest!). But another huge reason that people stop exercising is injury. If the feet start to hurt after running or they get shin splints, suddenly it becomes a lot easier to skip the routine. Prevent injuries like that and you’re more likely to keep heading to the gym.

Lose Weight

Number two on the resolutions list is to lose weight. Of course, one of the most popular ways to lose weight is to exercise, and if our pain relieving socks can keep you exercising like we mentioned above then they’ve done their job. Avoid injury and lose weight!

Eat Healthier

How can our shock absorber socks help you eat healthier? By sending you to the grocery. If you live in a city, walking home instead of taking the subway or bus will almost certainly force you to walk past a grocery store. So instead of buying food once a week based on how long it will last in your refrigerator, you can buy it day to day and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to avoid the candy aisle!

While this won’t be an option for many people in the suburbs or those who have a long commute, it’s certainly an option for many people in the big city.

More Time With Family and  Friends

Another popular resolution is to spend more time with family and friends. How can our shock absorbing socks possibly help? Glad you asked!

We all have those friends who love to have you over but make you take your shoes off the moment you step in the house. If you avoid heading over to their place because of your stinky boot feet, you don’t have to worry when you wear Sole Impact. Our socks have excellent wicking and antimicrobial properties that reduce sweating and, therefore, the bacteria that create foot stink.

Need another reason? One of the best ways to keep up and exercise routine is to find someone you’re accountable to. Grab a friend or family member and get exercising, protect your feet with shock absorbing socks, and keep exercising.

See? Sole Impact socks can help you keep the most common New Year’s resolutions that exist. When you want to keep your self-promises, grab a pair of socks and get healthy!