At Sole Impact, we’ve put an incredible amount of effort into designing our shock absorbing socks. And while we certainly believe that they’re the best performance socks on the planet, we didn’t just make them to be worn by professional athletes. Let’s take a look at when and why many people wear our pain relieving sports socks.

To Prevent Injury During Athletics

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional athlete, a student in college, a mom who plays tennis on Saturday mornings, or are a kid in little league baseball…our shock absorbing socks have a major goal, and that’s to reduce the amount of impact you suffer each time you land on your foot.

The great thing is that it’s an excellent option for all out running (such as sprinting or base running) as well as the many sports that involve a good deal of starting/stopping (such as tennis and basketball). Either way you’re reducing the amount of impact on your heel up to 94.7 percent

Wear Them Post Injury For Foot Pain

Foot injuries happen. And most of them happen before you start wearing Sole Impact socks!

Feet get hit hard in almost every sport, and that’s where wearing pain relieving socks comes into play. Maybe you need these socks for heel pain, or are looking for a treatment for turf toe. Our shock absorbing socks can also help with Achilles tendonitis. The fact is, if any pressure on your feet is causing you pain, these are the socks that can reduce the amount of pain you’ll be subjected to.

To Reduce Pressure When Working Out

Think about everything your feet are doing when you work out at the gym. It’s not just your time at the leg press that’s putting pressure on your feet. Walking on a treadmill can be low impact, but what about when you run? Jumping jacks, jump ropes, and many CrossFit exercises involve landing on your feet. Avoiding impact can be impossible, so reduce the impact as much as you can.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pressure you put on your feet when you lift free weights. If you weigh 200 pounds, your feet are accustomed to supporting 200 pounds. But if you lift 200 pounds during a deadlift or clean and jerk, you’ve doubled the amount weight that your feet have to handle. Why not displace some of that extra weight with the Sorbothane gel insole in our socks?

All The Time!

Let’s say that you play flag football on Saturday afternoons and forget to wear our shock absorbing shoes. After the game you notice that you’re feet are hurting from all the starting and stopping associated with the game. It could be that you’ve damaged something in your foot, or it could be that your feet are simply sore from using muscles you don’t use very often. After your shower, grab your Sole Impact socks and put them on for comfort. Then wear your extra pairs and wear them all week long! It will prevent your feet from getting too sore from day-to-day impacts you might experience: going up and down stairs, jumping down from a lifted truck, or running toward a cab. No matter where you live or what you do, our shock absorbing socks are for you!

The fact is, anytime is a good time to put on Sole Impact socks. Not only are they the best performance socks for intensive sports like basketball, tennis, and football, but they’re also a great option to wear day-to-day in order to protect yourself from additional foot pain. Grab seven pairs and you’re ready for the week!