Over and over again we’re going to tell you about the pain relieving properties of our shock absorbing socks. We’re going to tell you how they can help prevent foot pain in the first place and how they can relieve foot pain from a host of injuries. After all, when you have gel in your socks that absorbs the shock from impacts, you’re automatically going to be putting less stress on your feet. So when you went to Google and typed in “pain relieving socks” or “shock absorbent socks,” your were probably looking to do away with your pain.

Today we’re going to talk about a few of the benefits that you’ll get from Sole Impact that aren’t pain related. Let’s talk about why you’ll love your Sole Impact socks whether you’re playing sports or not.

Keep Cool

As you probably know, when divers wear wetsuits they’re not kept warm because it keeps them dry. It keeps them warm because a thin layer of water is trapped between the skin and the wetsuit. Once the body warms that layer up, they stay warmer.  In other words, water can really trap heat!

The same thing can happen in regular socks. The foot sweats, and then that layer of trapped sweat warms up and makes the foot sweat even more. This can lead to blisters, foul-smelling feet, and at the very least a general feeling of discomfort. How can a sock fix this? Wicking is the process when a material moves water from one area to another. Our shock absorbing socks include Coolmax, a textile with special fibers that use capillary action to draw the moisture away from the feet while increasing evaporation activity.

When you keep your feet cool, it’s much less likely that you’ll suffer from bad odors in your socks. But that’s not the only way we avoid…

Foot Stink

Foot stink isn’t the medical term for it, but let’s call it what it is! We’ve made our shock absorbent socks with special anti-microbial properties that further help prevent foot odor by eliminating bacteria. We’re not going to tell you exactly how we do it, but it certainly is cutting-edge technology.


To put it simply, our socks look good. They’re as stylish as any other sport sock out there, and people will be asking your where you got those mid-calfs.

If you’re not into wearing branded merchandise, maybe the no show socks are for you. These barely-there shock absorbent socks contain all of the excellent properties of our mid-calfs while staying out of sight.


There are days when your feet hurt, and there are days when they give you a break. On those days many people still wear our shock absorbent socks for one simple reason: they’re incredibly comfortable! The gel footbed makes the simplest tasks you do on a daily basis more pleasant, whether you’re walking around the house or standing in line.

Whether you need them for yourself or are looking for a present for someone who would love the most comfortable designer performance socks around, Sole Impact has what you’re looking for. Check out our selection here!